Nigel Holland
Nigel Holland

At Holland & Co Chartered Accountants, we understand that the property sector is a dynamic and complex arena. Whether you’re a newcomer to the market or a seasoned property investor or developer, achieving success in real estate demands astute management, in-depth knowledge, and access to the right funding for each unique asset. How you structure your property deals can make all the difference in achieving the best results. This is where our specialist property accountants and tax advisors come into play.

Why Choose Holland & Co for Property Accounting?

Holland & Co boasts a dedicated specialist property team that provides comprehensive property tax advice, expert accountancy services, and strategic business advisory solutions. Our services extend to a diverse range of property businesses, catering to property investors, landlords, and property tax specialists.

Our specialized team has collaborated with companies, entrepreneurs, individuals, trusts, and organizations in the industry for many years. Our extensive experience spans both residential and commercial properties. If you’re seeking a Chartered Accountant with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the property sector, Holland & Co is your ideal partner.

What Our Property Accountants and Tax Advisors Can Do for You

Our property accountants and tax advisors possess specialized skills in advising businesses and individuals within the property sector. We offer commercial and practical solutions to maximize profits, from tax advice for selling and developing your portfolio to financial planning for the future. We’re well-versed in handling complex property arrangements and company structures, and we are specialist buy-to-let accountants offering a range of services tailored to meet the needs of landlords and investors.

Here’s how you can benefit from our expertise:

  • Buy to Let Property – Whether you’re a first-time landlord or overseeing a large portfolio, our experienced team can navigate the complex terrain of tax and accounting issues for landlords.
  • Auditing, Tax, and Accounting Services – With years of experience in the property sector, we remain at the forefront of new legislation and industry changes, ensuring you receive top-notch service.
  • Structuring Property Deals and Advice – We provide guidance on structuring property investments and financing methods that are both tax-efficient and commercially sound.
  • VAT and Property-Related Tax Advice – Our team has deep knowledge in property-related legislation, helping you maximize tax recovery and navigate potential disputes.
  • Private Residence Relief and Lettings Relief – Understanding the implications of these reliefs can significantly impact your tax liability when selling a property.
  • Fundraising – We advise on various funding options and can connect you with trusted partners to explore financing opportunities.
  • Sale and Leaseback Agreements – Release cash tied up in your assets through sale and leaseback agreements, and we’ll guide you through the process.
  • Tax Mitigation – If you’re considering property investments, sales, or lettings, consult our property accountants for expert guidance on tax implications and planning strategies.

Contact Our Property Accountants and Tax Advisors Today

For tailored property accounting and tax advice, get in touch with one of our specialist team members today. Complete our online enquiry form, and we’ll reach out to you promptly. With offices in Widnes, we are ideally positioned to provide expert guidance and assistance to clients nationwide.

Unlock the potential of your property investments with Holland & Co Chartered Accountants.