Lucy Luvsannorov

Position: Trainee Accountant


Tel: 0151 420 6666

Lucy – Accounts Preparation Specialist and VAT Advisor

Meet Lucy, a multifaceted professional who plays a pivotal role in our financial services team. With a diverse skill set and a passion for assisting clients, Lucy is dedicated to ensuring the financial well-being of sole traders, partnerships, and companies.

Expertise and Responsibilities:

Lucy’s expertise encompasses a wide range of financial services:

  • Accounts Preparation: Lucy excels in the meticulous preparation of financial accounts. Her attention to detail ensures that the financial records of our clients are not only accurate but also compliant with regulatory standards. Whether you’re a sole trader, partnership, or company, Lucy has you covered.
  • VAT Advisory: Lucy is a trusted advisor when it comes to Value Added Tax (VAT). She provides insightful guidance on VAT matters, helping clients navigate the complexities of VAT regulations and make informed decisions that benefit their businesses.
  • Payroll Backup: In addition to her primary roles, Lucy also serves as a reliable backup for our payroll department. Her versatility and knowledge make her an invaluable asset when it comes to ensuring timely and accurate payroll processing.

Client-Centric Approach:

Lucy’s approach is characterized by a deep commitment to client success. She understands that every client is unique and tailors her solutions to meet their specific needs, helping them achieve their financial goals.

Contributing to Financial Prosperity:

Through her expertise in accounts preparation, VAT advisory, and payroll support, Lucy significantly contributes to the financial prosperity and peace of mind of our clients. Her dedication to their financial well-being is unwavering.

Team Player:

Lucy is not just a skilled professional but also a vital team player, collaborating seamlessly with colleagues to provide comprehensive financial services to our clients.

Lucy’s passion for her work and her ability to deliver results make her an essential member of our team and a trusted advisor for our diverse client base.