Nigel Holland

Position: Principal, Business Start-up, Business Development and Business Growth Specialist


Tel: 0151 420 6666

Nigel HollandExperienced Chartered Accountant and Independent Financial Adviser

With a remarkable 39 years of experience in the field of accountancy and finance, Nigel Holland stands as a seasoned Chartered Accountant and an Independent Financial Adviser. Throughout his illustrious career, Nigel has successfully represented numerous taxpayers during Inland Revenue investigations, showcasing his exceptional expertise in tax matters.

Nigel holds a BA Honours degree in Accounting and Finance, further solidifying his credentials. He serves as the principal of Holland & Co Chartered Accountants, a well-established practice with over 37 years of dedicated service.

As the head of the firm, Nigel personally oversees all aspects of the work carried out by his team. This includes meticulous accounts preparation and the submission of tax returns for sole traders, partnerships, and limited companies.

Nigel’s specialization extends to nurturing new business ventures. He thrives on meeting prospective clients, offering invaluable insights, and supporting established businesses in their growth journey.

Setting Up a Business Made Easier

When it comes to setting up a business, Nigel can guide you through the process tailored to your specific needs. Whether you choose to register as a sole trader, limited company, or partnership, he has the expertise to streamline the process for you.

  • Sole Traders: While simpler to establish, operating as a sole trader means you bear personal responsibility for your business’s debts. Nigel can assist you in understanding the associated accounting responsibilities.
  • Limited Companies: Forming a limited company separates your business finances from personal finances, but it involves more reporting and management obligations. Nigel can provide the necessary guidance or recommend professional assistance, such as an accountant, to ensure a smooth setup.
  • Partnerships: If you’re considering a partnership, Nigel can help you navigate the responsibilities involved, including shared liability for business debts and accounting obligations.

Navigating Business Rules and Regulations

Depending on your business’s nature, Nigel can help you identify additional responsibilities, such as obtaining licenses or permits, securing insurance, and adhering to specific industry regulations.

Where You Work Matters

Whether you run your business from home or rent a separate workspace, Nigel can advise on your responsibilities and potential business rates. He can also help you explore opportunities for claiming office, property, and equipment expenses.

Bringing in Assistance

If you plan to hire agency workers or freelancers, Nigel can guide you through your responsibilities, particularly in terms of their health and safety.

Becoming an Employer

Should you decide to employ your own staff, Nigel will assist you in managing payroll, handling National Insurance contributions, and implementing workplace pensions for eligible employees.

Case Study: Transforming Dreams into Profit

One of Nigel’s notable achievements involved helping a client transform a business idea from scratch into a profitable venture. In a remarkably short time, this client generated a profit exceeding one million pounds for a single year.

This remarkable feat was the result of a combination of factors: dedication from the client, a viable business idea, meticulous planning, and invaluable advice from Nigel and his team.

Moreover, Nigel’s expertise ensured that the client’s corporation tax bill was reduced to zero. This was accomplished by utilizing tax loss carry forwards from previous years and making strategic claims.

The client expressed immense satisfaction with the services provided by Nigel and his team, underlining their exceptional commitment to helping businesses thrive and prosper.

For unparalleled financial guidance and expert assistance in realizing your business goals, entrust your financial journey to Nigel Holland and the dedicated professionals at Holland & Co Chartered Accountants.