Criminal Fraud Investigations

Criminal Fraud Investigations Money Laundering Cases involving criminal fraud investigations are managed by the Police and Crown Prosecution Services. We can provide support to your legal team for defence. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Nigel Holland
Nigel Holland

When facing the gravity of criminal fraud investigations, it’s crucial to engage the expertise of specialist forensic accountants. These professionals can serve as your strongest defence. If there are indications that your business is under investigation for fraud, particularly by the HMRC’s Fraud Investigations Service Unit (FIS), it’s imperative to consult a professional tax accountant.

Distinct from civil fraud investigations, criminal fraud investigations led by the FIS are exceptionally serious. While many fraud investigations initiate under the Code of Practice 9 policy, HMRC may escalate to criminal prosecution in cases of more severe criminal circumstances. Penalties in such instances can be higher and tailored to the perceived crimes.

A skilled forensic accountant is well-equipped to liaise directly with HMRC on your behalf in most cases. However, it’s crucial to note that you remain responsible for the outcomes. For assistance and insights on how our professional tax specialists can support you in these challenging situations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.