Nigel Holland
Nigel Holland identifying the problems faced by HMIT.

” Chaos within the HMRC as severe reduction in staff numbers, delayed effects from the covid pandemic, delay on introduction of MTD and closure of HMRC helpline combine to reduce the service provided by HMRC. This is simply not acceptable and causes problems for Tax payers, Accountants and the Inland Revenue itself. Something needs to be done urgently.”

Nigel Holland

  • Reduction in Inland Revenue staff from 25,000 to 19,000.
  • The pandemic seems to have been the main catalyst for the problems.
  • MTD digital push announced in 2016 is £1 billion overbudget and several years behind.
  • Helplines closed by HMRC.

Many say that customer service has deteriorated to an unacceptable level and business owners have spent hours on the phone trying to get through to a customer service adviser, only to be told they must go online.

The Inland Revenue receive 70,000 telephone calls a day and is unable to cope.