Nigel Holland

The new HMRC scheme specified for the construction industry is coming into effect on 01 March 2021 and will be mandatory.

How to apply the VAT reverse charge for construction services

The VAT domestic reverse charge for construction services starts on 1 March 2021.

It’s a major change to the way VAT is collected in the construction industry.

The reverse charge will affect you if both:

• you’re registered for VAT

• you supply or receive services under the Construction Industry Scheme (usually known as CIS)

You must check if your customer is, or is not the ‘end user’. This must be done in writing, but can be done digitally, conformation must be kept on record.

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Where the reverse charge applies, the customer pays the VAT due directly to HMRC instead of paying it to their supplier.

In order to see if the reverse VAT charge applies to you, please use the attached easy to follow flow chart;

Please see the attached invoice example, to what you would be receiving/sending to your customers or suppliers.

If you are currently using software to prepare your invoices and bookkeeping, please check with your software supplier that they will be including this function within the software.

There is an in-depth technical guide available on the website if you click the following link;

You may also want to review your current VAT schemes, to see if it will be beneficial for yourselves, if you are currently using the flat rate, or the cash accounting schemes, these may no longer be beneficial and you may wish to withdraw from the scheme this will depend largely upon how your business operates.