“The development of AI technology is moving at a rapid rate. It is important that the UK stays at the head of AI regulation. The earliest that legislation is introduced will be 2025 unless it is mentioned in the King’s speech on 7 November 2023. There are a number of challenges including bias, privacy and employment which must be addressed.

Nigel Holland.
  • The prime minister’s plan for the UK to take the lead in AI regulation is at risk.
  • The EU could overtake the UK in efforts to make AI safe unless action is taken.
  • The UK will host an international AI summit at the start of November.
  • a £100m initial investment in a task-force to encourage the safe development of AI models.
  • the EU AI Act—that could become the de facto standard and be hard to displace.
  • Bias: For example AI employment tools might associate women’s names with traditionally female roles
  • Privacy: AI tools can be used to identify people in ways that are controversial. For example, police use of live facial recognition systems that scan faces and compare them to watchlists of suspects.
  • Employment: AI systems will replace some jobs and the economic impact of this will need to be addressed.
  • The use of copyrighted material to train AI systems is also one of the challenges.