According to research, 2/5 workers over 50 are feeling a lack of support from their employers in terms of their career aspirations.

2,497 adults were surveyed and 44% of the over 50’s explained that when it comes to their future objectives and ambitions, they feel they do not receive the right amount of support from their employers. Aviva has put an urge on employers to provide the over 50’s with more support in order to avoid this age group from becoming demoralized.

63% of the employed over 50’s had set to retire later than they expected compared to 10 years ago. 38% of those expressed that the reason for this is that they didn’t have a sufficient amount of savings.

Quote from Nigel Holland:

“There are certainly challenges facing both Employers of over 50 year old Employees and also the Employees themselves. The older Employees have a wealth of experience and it makes sense that the Employers utilise and develop these valuable skills. The older Employees have a lot to offer.

Employers need to make the most of this, and to do so they should provide an equal amount of support for all employees throughout the workplace. Employers should acknowledge the work related needs of those over 50, as well as the challenge they face trying to save for their retirement.”