Nigel Holland
Nigel Holland

Property owners who knowingly let out sub-par homes could face prison terms of up to six months.

The plans come amid a proposed roll out of a new minimum standard across the whole private rented market, although the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities now wishes to build on that by prosecuting less scrupulous individuals.

This is one of the most important pieces of legislation to appear on the statute books in relation to Landlords for sometime.

Landlords need to be aware of the potential effect of letting out sub-par homes.

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According to their proposals, which were published on Friday (2 September), landlords who fail to keep properties warm in the winter, and in ‘good repair’ could be handed a six-month prison sentence by a judge – if they were inclined to do so.

Poor practices have blighted the renting market for decades, which has led to a real clamour for reform from MPs in more recent times.