Nigel Holland

“HMRC have been urged to correct an error in the wording in their off payroll rules. This wording could put an end to umbrella firms and needs to be dealt with urgently.

There are only about 6 months until the revamped IR rules come into play and the wording of the legislation under Chapter 10 of the 2003 of the Income Taxes Act which will be changed shortly by the changes brought by the Finance Act in March 2020 has the potential to upset this dynamic and turn umbrella companies into intermediaries.

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Many contractors legitimately use umbrella companies to help with their admin.

I am not sure exactly what was intended by this legislation but I am also unsure why the umbrella firms are being targeted in this manor.”

Nigel Holland

IR35 reforms: HMRC urged to correct clause in off-payroll rules that could ‘kill off’ umbrella firms

An ‘errant clause’ within the forthcoming off-payroll legislation could cause serious disruption to the IT contractor community if left unchanged.