Nigel Holland
Nigel Holland

” There are a large number of tenants who sublet their properties to sub tenants in secret, such arrangements are rife in the commercial and residential sectors. Such activity can create a serious problem for landlords because it can be difficult for the landlord to remove the subtenant.

There is no legal contract between the head landlord and the subtenant and it is fraught with problems for the head landlord.”

Nigel Holland

A worrying trend among tenants who have been secretly subletting their landlords’ properties has been revealed.

The study from Direct Line business insurance found that a staggering 48% of subletting tenants had failed to disclose to landlords.

77% of respondents had not bothered to review their tenancy agreement before engaging in subletting, potentially exposing themselves to serious consequences.

Renters subletting their property

  • There are serious impacts on insurance.
  • The secret subletting is often eventually discovered by the landlord.
  • A lot of renters let out part of their home from a single room to the full property.
  • Content insurance may be invalid.
  • Tenants consider using Airbnb.
  • One landlord was left £10,000 out of pocket after his tenants sublet.
  • Councils have begun to crack down on illegal subletting.
  • With an ongoing housing crisis, there is a need for more homes and genuine tenants are suffering because of illegal subletting.