Free tax saving advice will be offered for businesses who feel they are paying too much tax.

Anyone who would like to attend should email or ring 0151 420 6666.

The event will also be an opportunity for various different types of business owners to network with each other and meet their future customers.

Part of the free tax advice will include 10 quick and easy tips to help save tax

1. Ensure that your submit returns to HMRC and Companies House on time to avoid the penalties and avoid any increase in the chance of an HMRC investigation. There are lots of different dates for the different returns which are needed, PAYE, VAT, income tax, corporation tax etc

2. Keep accurate records including invoices. Make sure the records are not destroyed until the date specified by HMRC.

3. Do not forget to claim set up costs if applicable.

4. Make sure you claim all allowances to which you are entitled.

5. Consider software packages such as sage.

6. If you run a business from home make sure you claim what you are entitled to against your tax according to HMRC rules.

7. If your business is limited make sure any dividends paid are from retained profits.

8. If you are VAT registered ask your Accountant to see if the flat rate scheme is better for you.

9. Save money for tax bills. Ask your Accountant to predict the amount involved.

10. Ask your Accountant which business structure is best for you – sole trader, partnership or limited company. Review this status regularly.

11. And a bonus tip – make sure you keep an eye on changes to the tax laws – every year in the budget the rules change so you will need to study this in detail or get help from your Accountant.