Holland & Co Chartered Accountants from Widnes have purchased David Crossley’s Accountancy Practice which is based in Great Sankey. David who is a Chartered Tax Adviser and helps many small businesses with their self assessments, represents a large number of clients involved in property taxation and helps them in their position as landlords. He has been involved in assisting them with the Let Property Campaign which has recently been launched by HMRC.

David will be helping his existing clients who transfer to Holland & Co but Holland & Co have a staff of 5 who are better equipped to offer a more comprehensive accountancy service.

Quote from Nigel Holland:

” The purchase of David’s business is a fantastic opportunity for our business, David’s clients and David himself. The match is suited to everyone involved. We are now able to offer a more comprehensive and quality service to clients. It is great to have David aboard and his input is invaluable especially in taxation of rental income, capital gains tax on the sale of properties as well as how to handle difficult Inland Revenue investigations into property owner’s tax affairs.

Jack Giblin from my firm has been specialising in property taxation for several years.

At my firm we have a history of helping landlords submit self assessments for rental income and helping them decide whether or not to incorporate their businesses and David’s experience in this specific area is very useful.”