Recently, the government have published additional documents with advice on Brexit for small businesses in the UK.

This information is meant to help business owners to ‘understand how leaving the EU may affect their business’. The documents provide advice on range of issues including changes to UK-EU trade post Brexit, to alterations to how businesses send and receive personal data.

The UK government is urging businesses to ‘prepare now’ amidst ongoing Brexit uncertainty. Businesses who trade with the EU have been urged to apply for a UK Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number, if they have not already done so. This will allow them to continue trading with the EU post Brexit.

Businesses that provide services or operate in the EU may need to follow new rules after Brexit. A business could be affected if; it has a branch or branches in the EU, it is planning a merger with an EU company, or if its employees have to travel to EU or EEA countries for business.

Also, businesses that hold intellectual property are warned that they may face changes to their copyright, patents, designs and trademarks following Brexit.

For more information, you can find these documents on the website.

Quote from Nigel Holland:

“Make sure you stay informed of all of the changes to business post Brexit. Preparation for these changes is the key to running and maintaining a successful business.”