According to the latest data from HMRC’s Fraud Investigation Service (FIS), £5 billion was raised through fraud investigations in 2019.

The figures show that over 600 individuals were convicted for tax crimes in the last year. Also, in the last 12 months the FIS commenced new criminal investigations into more than 610 individuals.

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Director of the FIS, Simon York, commented: ‘The majority of people pay their taxes but there remains a hard core who have zero interest in playing by the rules.

‘These prosecutions clearly show that we’ll relentlessly pursue those criminals who would try and cheat honest taxpayers by stealing money destined for vital public services.

‘It means we’re increasingly taking on ever more complex frauds and well-resourced opponents, including tackling organised criminals who would otherwise undermine our economy and harm our communities.’

Amongst the notable cases successfully prosecuted by HMRC last year was a £60 million fraudulent tax avoidance scheme. This saw two individuals jailed for a total of 14 and a half years. A fraud investigation found that they were creating false documents to fraudulently claim expenses.

If you suspect someone is committing tax fraud, you can report them here via HMRCs website.

“It is important that you don’t cut corners when it comes to paying tax. What you may think is a small work around, could have significant consequences.”

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