Nigel Holland raises finance for businesses
Nigel Holland raises finance for businesses

” From time to time we are asked by clients how can they raise finance. There are various ways that this may be done and we have developed relationships with lenders who are able to point businesses in the right direction to enable them to obtain a suitable form of finance.”

Nigel Holland

Below is a list of the business funding options that we can facilitate:

  1. Invoice discounting – leveraging payment of sales invoices to aide cash flow, don’t need to be a homeowner
  2. Card income merchant loans – 1x average card income advance, 15-20% repayment from future card sales, don’t need to be a homeowner
  3. Stock loans – funder steps in and pays for the stock order and charges 3% per month until capital balance has been repaid, homeowner required
  4. Term loans – 3-5 year capital + interest repayment loans, based on a % of turnover/balance sheet, 2-3 years filed accounts and a homeowner required in most cases
  5. Revolving 12-24 month loans, rates c 2.5% pm, can be settled early without penalty, most 12 month lenders don’t require a homeowner
  6. Asset funding – >6 years on new equipment, asset secure funding rates, homeowner required
  7. Annual Tax liability funding, VAT, Corporation tax and Self-Assessment tax – don’t require a homeowner
  8. Secured charge funding – 5-10 year business loans secured on a residential property, up to a max 75% LTV

Let me know if there is anything that we can help with.

Basic information needed to apply –

  • Latest filed accounts
  • Latest management accounts
  • Last 6 months bank statements
  • Directors home address and DOB’ / IDs – state if a homeowner
  • How much applying for and why