You are welcome to attend our free Manchester Business Networking Evening which we hold every Wednesday evening from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

The location is the Malaga Drift Coffee House, 1 Church St, Eccles M30 0DL.

We discuss topics such as how to set up or to grow your business and also how to reduce your tax bill.

We also have a free Manchester Business What’s App group which you are welcome to join. The purpose of the group is to form a collection of members who are able to help each other in business. We do this both online and face to face at our weekly meetings.

We are steadily increasing our membership and the feedback we have had is very good. Business Networking on a Wednesday can be fun. You are bound to meet new people. They are likely to be business people like yourself.

Many of our members have obtained sales or obtained business as a result of joining us. It is also an excellent way of meeting new friends.

Our firm offer many ways of reducing your tax bill, look at different parts of our website to find out how.

Holland & Co Chartered Accountants

Manchester is a very large City. Business Networking on a Wednesday is an excellent way of meeting your future customers.

Click below to join our online What’s App group for Manchester. Why not start off by telling the other members a little about you and your business and what kind of customers you are looking for.

Business networking is an excellent way of expanding your business.

We also run other What’s App online groups through out the country and you are welcome to join these as well. It’s all free.

Whilst we don’t charge anything for joining our Manchester Business Network, we do ask that if you join our What’s App group online or attend a Wednesday night meeting that you do introduce another member into our group. This way we will continue to expand our numbers at a rapid rate.

Contact us if you would like to attend one of our meetings.

After our business networking meeting which finishes at 7.30pm some of us stay a little longer and play chess. Eccles Chess Club starts at 7.30pm so you are welcome to join in.

This photograph encapsulates the sheer frustration and raw violence covered in a typical chess game!
Click above to visit our chess website