With the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) set to end 30 September 2021, HMRC has published data showing that two million workers remain on furlough.

The data showed that the number of employees on the CJRS fell by 590,000 during June. The total number of furloughed workers stood at 1.9 million in June.

The data also shows that younger workers have been leaving furlough most quickly, whereas 10% of workers aged 65 or over were on furlough.

Charlie McCurdy, Economist at the Resolution Foundation, commented on the figures: ‘The number of furloughed employees has fallen below two million for the first time as the economy continues to re-open. But that is higher than many expected, and a cause for concern as the scheme is wound down.

‘With employer contributions to furloughed staff doubling from this Sunday, and the scheme ending completely in just two months’ time, it’s vital that as many furloughed staff as possible return to work soon in order to limit the rise in unemployment this Autumn.’

“With the furlough scheme set to end next month, many workers still haven’t returned to work. It is important that the government ensure that people have returned to work and can continue to live without the furlough scheme.”

Nigel Holland