Office history

The history of our office from Victoria times to present day.


Widnes Rd is a terraced row of buildings which was originally constructed during the Victoria age.

It is the main town centre road running through the town. Our office buildings are located at 102/104 Widnes Road.

How did the name Widnes originate?

The most usual explanation for the origin of the name Widnes is that it comes from the Danish words vid, meaning wide, and noese, meaning nose and that it refers to the promontory projecting into the River Mersey. However, the Widnes promontory is not particularly wide and another possible explanation is the first part derives from the Danish ved, meaning a wood and possibly referring to a tree-covered promontory. Earlier spellings of the name have been Vidnes, Wydnes and Wydness.


On 23 November 1983 Nigel Holland qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

Two years later he set up his own business as Holland & Co Chartered Accountants.

The office was built in Victorian times as residential accommodation above and a shop below. See photograph of Road being built above.


This is one of the first photographs of Nigel Holland working at his converted bedroom at 32 Ash Lane, Widnes. This bedroom was converted into an office before the premises in Widnes Rd were purchased.

An Amstrad was used for word processing. This was an improvement from the typewriters commonly used at the time.


An Estate Agency called Fieldings was run from the premises.


102 Widnes Rd was purchased in 1987 by Nigel Holland and Holland & Co Chartered Accountants started trading from here.

Old photograph of office approximately 1987
Picture of office 1987

Originally only 102 Widnes Rd was used as an Accountancy practice. The building next door 104 was run as a fruit and veg shop.

Dorothy and Nigel Holland

The brickwork was covered by wood and the office consisted of a reception room and a back room on the ground floor and a kitchen behind that. Upstairs there was an office and a toilet.

Help was given by Nigel’s father and mother, Dennis and Dorothy Holland. They worked for the business for several years.

The firm offered help to local businesses producing accounts and tax returns to the Inland Revenue and VAT returns to the Customs and Excise.

Nicola Hardman was one of the first members of staff. She worked as a secretary.

Nicola Hardman was one of the first members of staff. She worked as a secretary.


In 1990 next door became available for purchase.

When 104 was purchased it needed the front 1st floor wall replacing. Scaffold was needed.
This was an entrance to the upstairs of 104
There was a great deal of work involved because 104 was in a state of disrepair.
104 needed to be gutted.
The premises after the renovations had been finished.


106,108,110,114 and 118 Widnes Rd were purchased by Nigel Holland. The ground floors were rented out as retail outlets and the upstairs was used as offices by Holland & Co Chartered Accountants.

The office block after the adjacent properties had been purchased.

If you look closely on the photo above you can see the firm’s name on the upstairs windows. on the adjacent properties.

Conversion to open plan offices.

The building was converted to modern open plan offices in 2000. Again a great deal of refurbishment work was completed and the other properties in Widnes Rd were sold. The internal walls were removed a steel beams were inserted to support the first floor.

When you enter the premises from Widnes Rd you are often shocked by how large the building is inside. It is often referred to as the Tardis.


Major renovations completed making ground floor into open plan office. Steel beams inserted to keep building structure in place.

Nigel Holland
It is now a modern open plan office indoors.
Outside was also refurbished and our logo was designed and converted into signs above the door.


The building is still used as a base for Holland & Co Chartered Accountants. It is now located in the centre of Widnes because ASDA have opened a large supermarket next door.

Holland & Co Chartered Accountants continue to offer quality services at their Widnes Rd premises.

I would like to thank all the staff and clients who have helped make all this possible. Without their backing and support I would not have been able to achieve what I have done. I have enjoyed working from our premises in Widnes and continue to do so.

Nigel Holland