USA v GB warrington

The chess match of the century

The chess challenge has been made we are now waiting for a response from the USA

A very strong contingent of chess players from Warrington is scheduled to represent Great Britain in a proposed match between USA v GB.

These players include – Leon Cox, Peter Cornelia, Nigel Holland, and David Stuttard. See below for details.

Training is taking place every Tuesday evening at 6.30 pm at the Crown and Anchor 41 Hilton St Manchester M1 2EE

Also every Wednesday at the Malaga Drift 1 CHURCH St Eccles M30 ODF starting 7.30pm

Everyone interested in the match is welcome to attend either night.

The match is sponsored and arranged by Holland & Co Chartered Accountants of Widnes.


We have had a response from the very high rated British chess player who we asked if he would play for us and we are delighted with his response.

He has agreed to turn out for the Great British team in their match against the USA. He will take one of the wild card places which are available.

We are now able to announce his name. This player is well known in Manchester chess circles and helped set up a weekly social chess group in the Crown and Anchor in Hilton St, Manchester every Tuesday. He is marathon runner and his name is Aidan Rawlinson.

The Marathon Runner – Aidan Rawlinson

This is a photograph of Aidan Rawlinson. If you carefully peer into his eyes you notice that Aidan does not even flinch as the American, known as the Hulk, violently smashes his fist through Aidan’s wall, with unprovoked aggressive tendencies.

Aidan is the kind of player we are looking for.


The Great British team have approached a very high rated British chess player in an attempt to improve their chances of victory. If this Manchester based player agrees to play he could take one of the 5 wild card places which are available. There is also a squad of 24 from which the team will be chosen from.

The team is hopeful of signing him up. As soon as information is available it will appear on this website so keep checking on here for further updates.

“If we are successful with this initiative our chances of winning the match will be much better. I hope it comes off.”

Nigel Holland

Marshalls Chess Club in New York have been sent the following letter. We await their response. See link below to their facebook:

Chess match Great Britain v USA

The team against the USA will be picked from the squad of 24 below . However their are 5 additional wild card positions still up for grabs.

The Facilitator – Leon Cox

Leon Cox who is a member of both Winwick and Eccles chess clubs has jetted off to New York to open negotiations with the Yanks on the format of the match. He is planning to meet them on Wednesday 20th February 2020

Since writing the above Leon has visited Marshall Chess Club on 10th St and said the Americans are picking their team.

Leon is doing a great job helping to organise the match.

Leon said when he was in New York, he watched a player record his game using an app on his phone, Leon asked is this allowed?

The President – Stephen Farrar

A chess match Great Britain v USA is really needed.

The Proprietor – Gordon

The Hungarian – Peter Cornelia

Peter Cornelia from Warrington and a member of Winwick and Eccles Chess Club has suggested we use a chess website such as Lichess, or chess 24 etc.

Peter, above has suggested that you can work out a rough FIDE/ Elo grade by taking your ECF grade multiplying it by 7.5 and then adding 700.

He went on to explain that Grandmaster Grade is above 2450 FIDE he thinks.

Super GM like Carlsen are over 2700 minimum.

The Treasurer – Barbara Farrar

Barbara Farrar goes there.

When she heard what was proposed she just said ” Wow”

The Foot Lover – David Stuttard

Dave Stuttard is keen to play. Dave is from Warrington,

He plays for 4 teams. Chester, Liverpool, Eccles and Winwick.

The Biscuit – Andrew Malkowski

Andy Malkowski from Eccles may be considered to play.

The Outer Mongolian -Chagdarsuren Batbileg

Chagdarsuren Batbileg has emigrated from Outer Mongolia and works at Cheetham Hill and sells noodles. He is a member of Eccles Chess Club.

The Accountant – Nigel Holland

I have been looking forward to this competition for years and have been trying to arrange it without success. At last it looks like it will go ahead.

Nigel Holland

The Soldier – Chris Lysons

Chris Lysons is a member at Eccles.

The Bronx Electrician – Daz Lindsay

Daz is from the Bronx but is playing for Great Britain now. He lives in Manchester.

The Gunslinger – Gerry Whitehead

Cool under pressure. Does not take prisoners. Mean and moody.

The Maverick – Jason Cruz

The Evertonian – Jody Heaton

Everton fan – a good reader of the game.

The Kid – Tom Maddox

The Wiley, Old Fox – Laurence Harold

If there is a chess match Great Britain v USA it is clear GB need the help of Harold Laurence.

The Keyboard Player – Oliver Lawrence

A prolific key board player.

The Smiler – Pauline Knott

She is known to smile during a chess match.

The Russian – Sasha Sosnowski

The Secretary – Michael J Fox

Ex Lawyer Michael J Fox

A chess match between Great Britain v USA is long overdue.

There have been some fantastic Chess Players from both Countries in the past such as Bobby Fischer from the United States and Enrique Flores from Great Britain.

On this side of the pond everyone is excited at the prospect of a games against the USA.

“Sounds cool, looking forward for it.”

Quote from Jules Irenge

The Philippinean – Marcial Flores

Toti Flores said: “Hopefully the 3rd attempt (at arranging the match) will be a success.”

The Mexican – Enrique Flores

Eccles Chess Club
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