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Rising inflation drives down spending

7th November 2017

Almost two-thirds (63%) of people feel under pressure to reduce expenditure in light of rising inflation, a study has claimed. 56% of female respondents said they were feeling the pinch from rising living costs, while that percentage rose to 60% for those with children.

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Adults ‘overestimate retirement discounts’

24th October 2017

Many adults may be overestimating what they will receive in retirement, a study has found. Aviva polled 2,030 people and found 25% are relying on discounts and subsidies to make their retirement more affordable.

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Massive fines for businesses

6th October 2017

Businesses that failed to pay staff the national minimum wage have been forced to pay back more than £2 million in unpaid salary

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Pension reforms to cost UK £5 billion

14th October 2016

The pension reforms introduced by former chancellor George Osborne will cost an estimated £5 billion to the UK economy and contribute to rising house prices, according to the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR). Read our comments on this article.

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6 million over 50s in debt

13th October 2016

Almost a third of people over the age of 50 are dealing with financial debt, repaying an average of £12,000. Read our comments on this here.

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